Yes, YOU Matter in the Kingdom of Christ

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Christian friends, do you sometimes wonder if you matter in the kingdom of Christ? Is the little you are able to do making an impact? Are the results worth the effort?

Have you ever played with dominoes?

Not the real game, but the fun of trying to keep a steady hand and while standing up all of your dominoes in a row?

Maybe you tried many times before completing the set without knocking them over. Just one slip of the hand and they all come tumbling down, one by one, so you must start all over again. Maybe you put them all in a straight line or tried to make a creative pattern by turning the pieces at just the right angle to keep the momentum going.

What a lesson in cause-and-effect, as well as an exercise in patience!

Although this scene is imaginary and no human being would have the patience and engineering expertise to set it up in real life, I love detail and fun in the dominoes scene from the movie Robots.

As Christians, our lives can be a part of a powerful, centuries long, intricately planned, domino effect. You matter. The little push you give in spreading the gospel or encouraging other believers to live for Christ can often have a much greater and far-reaching impact than you will ever know.

Four Biblical Examples

1. Andrew

Andrew, one of the lesser known disciples of Jesus, pushed a key domino more than once. When Andrew met Jesus, the first thing he did was to go tell his brother Simon (John 1:38-41). Simon, better known as Peter, went on to preach a sermon on the day of Pentecost that led to over 3,000 people coming to know Christ (Acts 2:14-32). Peter became a leader in the early church and wrote part of the New Testament.

In another well-known Bible passage, ¬†Andrew brought a little boy to Jesus. Jesus used this boy’s meager lunch to satisfy the physical hunger of five thousand men, plus countless women and children (John 6:1-14).

Although he was not the main character in these events, Andrew had a significant part in building the kingdom of God. He touch those who touched many others for Christ.

2. The Twelve Apostles

In John 17, Jesus prayed for His disciples. Then He also prayed for those who would believe because of their word–that includes you and me, Christian friend (John 17:13-21). Jesus started a domino effect that used twelve men to touch my life and your life centuries later!

3. Lois

Don't underestimate your value in spreading the gospel to your own children, dear mamas! You matter.Click To Tweet

Paul, the great persecutor turned proclaimer, wrote a letter to Timothy, a young church leader. Paul recognized that the domino effect Timothy’s grandmother Eunice started, his mother Lois continued, and Timothy passed on to the church at Ephesus (2 Timothy 1:5).

The faith of a mother impacted many souls for the kingdom of God. Don’t underestimate your value in spreading the gospel to your own children, dear mamas! You matter.

4. Phillip

God called Phillip to leave a flourishing ministry to go to a desert road where he met an Ethiopian man on his way home. As the man read from the prophet Isaiah, Philip began where he was in the Old Testament, and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. This man believed, was baptized, and went home rejoicing (Acts 8:26-39).

Today, in the midst of a predominately Muslim area, the church still has a strong presence in Ethiopia. Approximately two-thirds of people in Ethiopia claim to be Christians. Perhaps, as many Christians there believe, Phillip’s obedience and the joy of the Ethiopian sent in to action a domino effect that is still going today.

You matter in the kingdom of Christ, but you must be faithful.

Have you ever set up a line of dominoes, tipped the first one, and watched the action stop partway through? One domino spaced a little too far or not set a quite the right angle will halt all progress, no matter how elaborate the plan.

Don’t be that one domino.

God has called us to be faithful. We area to spur on other Christians to love and good deeds, and we are to share the gospel with those who do not know Jesus.

God has set all of the pieces in place. He plans to use you and me to touch the lives of many, both directly and indirectly. You matter. We will never fully know the impact of our place in His grand design until we reach Glory.

God has set all of the pieces in place. He plans to use you and me to touch the lives of many, both directly and indirectly. Click To Tweet

Remember, we must only be faithful and trust the results to Him.

Moreover it is required in stewards, that one be found faithful. 1 Corinthians 4:2








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