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True Thanksgiving Means ThanksLIVING All Year

True Thanksgiving

True Thanksgiving is not centered around a month of the year or a holiday season. It does not depend on good food and family gatherings. True Thanksgiving is an attitude of the heart that we express all year through ThanksLIVING.   What is ThanksLIVING? ThanksLIVING is living like we are thankful rather than just saying …

Settle Sibling Conflicts & Build Responsibility

settle sibling conflicts

My husband and I originally began rotating a designated Leader-of-the-Day among our children so that we could intentionally spend one-on-one time with each child on a regular basis. (See Planning Regular One-on-One Time with Each Child) What began as a few minutes of creating lifelong memories of everyday moments each evening, became so much more …

Parenting Teenagers: Improve Your Relationship in 30 Days

Parenting teenagers resource

Currently I am parenting teenagers. And preteens. And preschoolers. My oldest children are 14 and 15, so I am still relatively new to the perils and privileges of parenting teenagers. I have worked with teenagers in ministry since my college days. God has given me a heart to teach and build relationships with amazing young …