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Parenting Teenagers: Improve Your Relationship in 30 Days

Parenting teenagers resource

Currently I am parenting teenagers. And preteens. And preschoolers. My oldest children are 14 and 15, so I am still relatively new to the perils and privileges of parenting teenagers. I have worked with teenagers in ministry since my college days. God has given me a heart to teach and build relationships with amazing young …

“Will I Ever Use This in Real Life?” – For Bible Drills, “EVERY DAY”

Bible Drills

Did you ever ask this question growing up? Maybe you questioned the validity of diagraming sentences or solving algebraic equations. Your kids are probably asking this whether they attend public, private, or homeschool. Sometimes as parents and educators we might even still wonder this ourselves. With Bible Drills you can answer that question with a …

Christmas Is Jesus’ Birthday . . . A Meaningful Christmas Game for Families & Groups

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  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in giving and receiving gifts during the Christmas season. As we make our lists, and shop, shop, shop, it’s easy to forget about a gift for the One Whose birthday we celebrate. Play this simple, but meaningful Christmas game to help return our focus to Jesus.