The fatherless/the Fatherless

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My heart hurts tonight for the fatherless.

For my little girl and all those like her across the ocean who live in tidy orphanages with predictable routines, multiple “mamas,” and “good” institutional care. For others beyond US borders whose orphanages are quiet because no one will answer, and where toddlers live with the constant stench of their own waste.

For those in foster care with loving parents who are doing as much nurturing as possible in the small window of time available. For those who know their foster parents really don’t want them in their home and are just waiting for the next move.

For those teenagers who still have hope of a “forever family.” For those young adults who are too quickly becoming “unadoptable.”

As many as 200 million orphans worldwide wait to become a part of a loving family. My heart hurts for them, but what can I do?

Pray, give, love, go, adopt, support, mentor, encourage, share. Do something.

My heart hurts tonight for the Fatherless.

For the children who can say, “Jesus loves me, this I know,” but aren’t ready or able to grasp the meaning of the words. For those who have only heard the name of Jesus as a curse word and His Father’s name in blasphemy.

For those who have been raised in church and know all of the “Sunday School” answers, but have never let the gospel penetrate their hearts. For those who completely rejected the faith of their parents once they were on their own.

For the children young and old who plan to surrender to Christ “one day,” but love their sin more than Jesus today. For those who think they are right with God, but have never truly repented and believed.

For the deceived who believe they are somehow good enough to earn God’s love. For the sinners who think they are beyond the Father’s forgiveness.

As many as 259 million* spiritual orphans in North America alone wait to become a part of an eternal family. My heart hurts for them, and the millions of others around the world, but what can I do?

Pray, give, love, go, adopt, support, mentor, encourage, share. Do something.

Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin. James 4:17

How often in my apathy and selfishness I live in this sin of omission! What about you?

God redeems both the fatherless and the Fatherless. He love physical orphans with no earthly family of their own. He loves spiritual orphans who have not yet come to Him as Father. We must do the same.

Father, forgive the many times I do nothing. Help me to do the something you have called me to do. You have adopted me into your family. I am your child. Use me to bring the fatherless and the Fatherless to You. Keep them ever in my mind. As I share with my children, my youth group, and others you place in my life, I want them to remember we are all orphans without You.

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18

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