March On: The Middle of a Miracle

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Today’s Five Minute Friday word is “Middle.”

This week on First5, a devotional app for women, we studied the book of Joshua as the Israelites walked marched the wall of Jericho. Joshua led them to obey an unconventional (to put it lightly) plan of attack. The people obeyed and watched a miracle.

But what if . . .

What if they had given up in the middle. What if on the seventh day they gave up halfway through. They saw no evidence of what God was about to do. They had marched six days already. God told them to march seven times on the seventh day.

All they had was God’s word. Everything around them shouted, “It’s not working!!”

Yet, they kept marching. They followed Joshua who followed God.


Photo from the Great Wall of China 2016

Where are you right now? Are you on the verge of giving up on God’s plan because you don’t see Him working?

I am.

This message came just when I needed the reminder.

For me, it’s homeschooling. It’s supposed to bring our family closer together, but I feel like we are falling apart. But I will not give up. The seventh day and seventh march is on the horizon.

Will you keep marching? Will you obey God in faith when you can’t see Him working?

Don’t stop in the middle of the miracle.

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  • oooh. Thanks for the timely thoughts. I am so prone to quitting in the middle and never seeing the fruit of perseverance. This makes me pause and evaluate. Good job.

  • Fabulous post. I pray that the Lord will strengthen you as you continue on. You and your children will be blessed for it. This is incredibly encouraging. You brought some good news to light. 🙂 Visiting from FMF Have a great weekend!

  • Frustration is often the name of the game when dealing with children. Your perseverance will see you through. You are a great mom and a great teacher. Stand your ground. Sooner or later you will see results. Love you all.

  • So true- it can be hard to keep going but if we stop in the middle we might miss the miracle. This is a great reminder of why we should persevere. Visiting from FMF.

  • So true! I have never stopped to think what would have happened if they had stopped marching because they saw no results after the first few days. Thanks for sharing at Encouraging Word Wednesday!

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