Great Gifts for Men with Beards

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So, I’ll start by admitting I love a man with a beard. Not just any man, mind you. My husband keeps his face covered year round. And, like many men with nice beards, he is proud of it. He started using beard products occasionally over the last couple years and loves funny beard quotes. So, if your man (or father, brother, son, in-law, neighbor) sports a beard, take a look at these great gifts for men with beards.

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Great Gifts for Men with Beards

Beard Pride Shirts

My husband, who is a pastor, always likes to joke about a beard being Biblical. When I found this Judges 16:17 shirt, I couldn’t resist ordering. He loves it and has received lots of compliments, especially from other bearded fellows. Witty t-shirts about beards abound. Be careful in your search though. Some are too crude for our Christian sense of humor.

Beard Care Products

Some bearded men love beard shampoo, conditioner, and wax. If your bearded man hasn’t tried beard products, start with some samples so he can decide what he likes.

Grooming Kits

An other great gift for men with beards a good grooming kit with new sharp scissors to replace old ones. Constant use means these wear out and always make a nice gift.


A man who likes to keep his beard nice and neat needs a good trimmer. A trimmer makes shaping easier and keeps a beard looking good. Choose one with different size guards to help keep beards even at the desired length. Give a trimmer with a vacuum for less mess around the bathroom sink.

Shaving Supplies

If you don’t love his beard, maybe give a not-so-subtle hint with a new shaving kit!

My husband’s favorite beard quote is from the famous preacher, Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon, a brilliant Bible scholar, wrote many inspiring sermons, but the one my husband shares most often is this: “There’s two kinds of men in the world. Those with beards. . . and women.” (Yes, the rest of us may roll our eyes, but bearded men love it!)

Okay, so I’m not sure Spurgeon actually said that, but he did say in his book Lecture to My Students, “. . then grow your beards! A habit most natural, scriptural, manly, and beneficial.” (

Remember, ALL of our good gifts point to the greatest gift of all time: Jesus. He is the reason we give gifts, whether they are serious or silly, and every good gift really comes from God. (James 1:17)




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