Christmas Is Jesus’ Birthday . . . A Meaningful Christmas Game for Families & Groups

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It’s so easy to get wrapped up in giving and receiving gifts during the Christmas season. As we make our lists, and shop, shop, shop, it’s easy to forget about a gift for the One Whose birthday we celebrate. Play this simple, but meaningful Christmas game to help return our focus to Jesus.Christmas game fb

The first player states, “Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, so I’m going to give Him . . .” and names something that begins with the letter “A.” The second person repeats, “Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, so I’m going to give Him . . .” then repeats the answer from the first person and adds something beginning with the letter “B”. This continues until everyone has participated and gets harder as each person must repeat the gift of all previous players.

Here is a an example:

Player 1: Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, so I’m going to give him my all.

Player 2: Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, so I’m going to give him my all and my belief.

Player 3: Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, so I’m going to give Him my all, my belief, and my compassion.

The real challenge of this Christmas game is coming up with something we can actually give Jesus.

My all, my best, my commitment, my dedication, my energy, etc.– those are the easy ones. Wait until you have a large enough group to get to the letter “X”! (Or you can repeat with a smaller group until you finish the alphabet.) My husband and I always loved to end up with “X” in our younger years. He was an x-ray tech and I played the xylophone!!

After the game, I always challenge everyone to actually give at least one of the ideas named as a gift to Jesus. After all, Christmas is His

This year, we varied the game a little to fit several different occasions.

First, before family Bible reading and prayer in the evenings during December, we have played using a different letter each night. Every family member uses the same letter, but repeats the word said by the others that came first. Tonight we played with the letter “I”. Coming up with six things was bit challenging, and my husband and I helped some of the children, but we ended up with “Christmas is Jesus birthday, so I’m going to give Him my intelligence, my interests, my industry, my ice water (Hey, Jesus said if we give a cup of cold water in His name we have a reward [Matthew 10:24] – so it works!), my idols, and my income.

With a group of adults in prayer meeting and at a county pastor/staff and wives dinner, we played another variation. My husband led the activity. He repeated, “Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, so I’m going to give Him . . .”  Then he asked the adults call out appropriate gifts beginning with the letter “A”. After several responses, he repeated the phrase again and asked for responses with the letter “B”.  He continued through the alphabet and everyone enjoyed thinking of things they could really give Jesus for His birthday.

So what will you give Jesus for His birthday this year?

I pray you have a very Merry Christmas and love Jesus and others all year. Whether I celebrate with my family, my youth group, or my friends, I want them to remember the Christ in Christmas.

“She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21

Do you know Jesus?









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  • I’m just seeing this post. I thought I saw them all. This was so good. I love the ideas for Christmas. Always making Christ first. Love ya’ll!!!

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