Learn Together

You taught your children how to walk, how to talk, how to swing, how to sing, how to act, how to react, how to brush their teeth and change their clothes, to wash their hands and wipe their nose. You, mom are a home educator.

Children learn from their parents. Families learn together. That’s just how God created us to live.

You are teaching your children everyday. Maybe you officially homeschool, so you teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, or maybe not. Perhaps you just reinforce the academics they learn at school. You are teaching them your faith, by words and actions; you are teaching character, and life skills. You are teaching them everyday—no holidays, no days off. You, mom, are a home educator. It is your God-given job. It comes with the territory.

Many of the lessons you teach are “caught,” rather than taught. These are often the most important and the most over looked. Be intentional. Talk about and model what you want them to remember.

My husband and I have chosen to homeschool. We believe it is God’s best for our family, but whether you homeschool or not, learning together is just what families do and these posts are for you.

As I teach my children, I want the to remember what they are learning. These posts will be about academics, life, and faith. I pray they bless your family as you learn together.

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