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Settle Sibling Conflicts & Build Responsibility

settle sibling conflicts

My husband and I originally began rotating a designated Leader-of-the-Day among our children so that we could intentionally spend one-on-one time with each child on a regular basis. (See Planning Regular One-on-One Time with Each Child) What began as a few minutes of creating lifelong memories of everyday moments each evening, became so much more …

Parenting Teenagers: Improve Your Relationship in 30 Days

Parenting teenagers resource

Currently I am parenting teenagers. And preteens. And preschoolers. My oldest children are 14 and 15, so I am still relatively new to the perils and privileges of parenting teenagers. I have worked with teenagers in ministry since my college days. God has given me a heart to teach and build relationships with amazing young …

Slow and Steady – Running With Endurance on Five Minute Friday

slow progress

Today is Five Minute Friday, a challenge for bloggers to write for five minutes about a given topic. Today’s subject is slow, so here I am, typing fast for five minutes! Sometimes our progress in life seems so slow. My five-year-old, adopted 10 months ago from China, has been in speech therapy since September. She …