Love Can Be Sticky

Sticky Love Notes

  So many days I feel like the worst mother ever. My children complain about how unfairly they are being treated. I lose my temper and yell. The house is a disaster. We barely seem to survive the day. I get the feeling that they, too, think I am the worst mother ever. Then I …

Adoption Fund Raising Piece by Piece

Our family loves puzzles. The end of our dining room table is often covered by pieces of a puzzle in progress.¬†Only puzzles can compete with Twitter for my husband’s attention. When we are working on a puzzle, he becomes addicted. (He says it’s because he didn’t do these kinds of things when growing up.) When …

Beginning Our Adoption Journey

Why would a family with five children spend the time and resource to adopt a child from China? Where did we get this crazy idea? You can read the beginning of our adoption story here. This site is also set up to receive donations to help towards our adoption.